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Air Filtration

Swissco offers a comprehensive selection of Air Filters

to improve air quality and energy efficiency and to optimize the operation of

HVAC systems. Our product line incorporates a vast array of standard and custom

size filters in a variety of designs, materials and MERV standards to accommodate

any system.   Please contact our team with any questions or for assistance in

ordering the filter that best suits your application.


       Disposable Panel Filters are economical filters designed for easy disposal. 

     Pleated Filters offer improved filtration and provide superior dust holding capability. 

     Mini-Pleat Filters are constructed with greater surface media per foot and provide 

     high levels of particulate filtration and efficiency in a 4" depth.

     Carbon Filters combine odor removal and MERV 8 particulate filtration in a single unit.

     Air Cleaner Replacement Filters are designed in MERV 8-13 standards to extend the

     life of HVAC systems and improve air quality without modification to existing housing.

     Rigid Cell Filters are ideal for variable air volume systems, offering durability and 

     superior levels of particulate filtration, including HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate

     Air Filters) units.

     Extended Surface Bag Filters offer excellent performance and dependability in 

     systems where air flow is constant, and medium to high efficiency filtration is required.

     Bulk Media and Pre-Cut Pads are designed for light to heavy dust-loading

     applications for pre-filter or primary filter purposes.

Disposable Panel Filters are cost effective, economical filters that are designed for light to medium duty and available in a wide range of sizes.  Constructed with progressively dense fiberglass or 100% non-woven polyester, they can be used in any application where disposable panel filters are recommended. 

Pleated Filters are designed with more media surface area than standard panel filers, offering improved filtration and performance for HVAC systems. Pleated Filters are available in synthetic, fiberglass and carbon media in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings.

Mini-Pleat Filters are ideal for use in applications where a high degree of efficiency is required in a 4” design.   Mini-Pleat Filters deliver high particulate removal efficiency and low pressure drop for extended service life and .

Carbon Pleated Filters combine MERV 8 particulate filtration and carbon odor removal in a single filter unit with low pressure drop. Carbon pleat filters come in a variety of sizes to directly replace existing filters with no modification to the system.

       Air Cleaner
Replacement Filters

Air Cleaner Replacement Filters are rigidly constructed with high quality MERV 8-13 filtration media backed with metal mesh, requiring no modification to the existing housing. Available in 500AB *(Air Bear®), 700SG *(Aprilaire®), 600GA *(Goodman® and Amana®), 400HW *(Honeywell F-100®) and HWR *(Honeywell FC40R®) Series. 

Rigid Cell Filters are designed with total rigid construction for variable air volume systems and medium/high efficiency commercial and industrial applications.  The Z-Pak GT series is ideal for gas turbine engine, centrifugal compressor and other high velocity operations.

Extended Surface Bag Filters offer excellent performance and durability in systems where the air flow is constant and medium to high efficiency filtration is required.  Extended Surface Bag Filters are availabile in residential, commercial and industrial grades with a wide selection of both standard and special sizes.

Bulk Media and Pre-Cut Pads are designed for light to heavy dust-loading applications for pre-filter or primary filter purposes. Bulk Media

and Pre-Cut Pads are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes in both fiberglass and 100% non-woven polyester grades.

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