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Disposable Panel Filters

Fiberglass and Polyester Disposable Panel Air Filters

       GDS and PTA Series


Disposable Panel Filters are economical filters that are designed for light to medium duty and available in 1" and 2" depths in a variety of standard sizes. Constructed with progressively dense fiberglass or 100% non-woven polyester, they offer excellent durability and performance in any application where disposable panel filters are recommended.  The GDS Series is designed with fiberglass media and an environmentally friendly, heavy-duty craft board frame.  The PTA Series is made with 100% non-woven polyester media surrounded by a metal grid on both sides for additional reinforcement.  Features include:



Progressively Dense Heavy Duty Media

Fiberglass or 100% Non-Woven Polyester Media

Heavy-Duty One Piece Box Frame Construction

Economical and Designed for Easy Disposal


The GDS Disposable Filter features an innovative, reinforced, "double strut" construction for excellent durability in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The design provides 10% greater open media area than traditional metal grill filters and offers excellent dust holding capacity. In addition, the design allows for greater economy, easier disposal, and eliminates sharp edges for safer handling. The GDS disposable panel filter is manufactured with fiberglass media and is available in 1" and 2" depths in many standard sizes.  All GDS filters are sold by the box and are packaged 12/box.

The PTA Disposable Filter has set the standard for quality and durability, while remaining budget friendly. This rigidly constructed air filter maintains its integrity with metal grids on both the air entry and air exit sides for added support. The PTA disposable panel filters are manufactured with 100% non-woven polyester media and are designed for light to medium duty.  PTA Filters are available in 1" and 2" depths in many standard and custom sizes.  All PTA filters are sold by the box and are packaged 12/box.

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