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Bulk Media and Pre-Cut Pads

       Progressively Dense Fiberglass or Synthetic

        Pre-filter or Primary Filter Applications


Swissco Systems offers Bulk Media and Pre-Cut Pads that may serve either primary filter or pre-filter purposes as a viable alternative to more expensive final filters.  Features Include:


Progressively Dense Fiberglass or 100% Non-woven Polyester

Designed for Light to Heavy Dust-Loading Applications

Standard and Special Sizes Available

Skin Backing on Air Leaving Side of Fiberglass

Service Roll in Easy-to-Use Cardboard Dispenser Box


Bulk Media comes in a variety of fiberglass and 100% non-woven polyester grades that are designed for light to heavy dust-loading applications.  Service rolls are available and are packaged in an easy to use cardboard dispenser box.

Pre-Cut Pads are made of progressively dense fiberglass or 100% non-woven polyester with skin-backing on the outflow side of the fiberglass construction.  Pads can be ordered in both standard and custom sizes and are packaged in a heavy-duty carton that allows quick access and keeps the media clean before installation.

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