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Industrial Part Customization

Our Full-Service Machine and Fabrication Shop

manufactures high-quality products with personalized service at competitive prices.     We provide machining and manufacturing services to comply with our customer's requirements.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship, we offer comprehensive solutions from start to finish for projects

of all sizes and complexities. 

Delivering Complete Turnkey Solutions.

In addition to manual and CNC machining, we are a full-service welding facility,

offering our customers complete turnkey solutions. Our certified, highly-trained professionals and rigorous quality assurance program ensure that every product is fabricated with precision.  With a proven record of delivering specialized quality products, such as complex subsea components installed thousands of feet below the ocean's surface, customers know they can confidently depend on our precision parts.

Uncompromising Commitment to Service

Our reputation as an industry leader is built on an uncompromising commitment

to service and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  Our team will promptly respond  to bid requests or any questions you may have. If needed, we will gladly

meet with you  in person to discuss a project at our office or yours.  Contact us

by phone, email or online to let our team know how we may be of service. 

   Offshore Termination   -   Extrusion Tooling   -   Rubber Molds   -   Subsea Valves, Docking Stations & Cable Termination   -    Proprietary End Fittings     


CNC Lathes

Up to 36" in Diameter, 6' in Length


  CNC Vertical Mills 

86" x 40" x 30" with 4th 

Axis Capability


 CNC Horizontal Mill 

  94" x 23" x 19" with 4th

Axis Capability


Manual Lathes 

 4" in Diameter, Up to 20' in Length


Manual Mills 

Up to 20' in Length




 Gas Metal Arch Welding



Shielded Metal Arch Welding



Gas Tungsten Arc Welding



Flux Core Arc Welding










Extrusion Tooling

Offshore Termination

Special Proprietary End Fittings  

Subsea Docking Stations

Hydraulic Hose Adapters

Subsea Cable Termination

Subsea Valves

Shafting for Offshore Equipment

Rubber Molds

Water Treatment Components

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