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Carbon Filters


         Z-Line Series


Cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, cooking, and many other common activities can generate unpleasant odors. The Z-Line Series Carbotron Pleat Filter offers an ideal solution for eliminating offensive odors with its special absorbant design. The activated carbon in the Carbotron Pleat contains millions of tiny openings that extract odorous gas molecules, leaving clean, fresh-smelling air behind. Features Include:



Reduces Odors

100% Synthetic Media

Heavy-Duty Moisture-Resistant Construction

Galvanized Expanded Metal Backing

MERV 8 Efficiency

Standard Size 4” Filters Incorporate Media Separators

Carbon Pleat Air Filter

The Carbotron Pleated Air Filter in the Z-Line Series is a carbon pleated filter that offers MERV 8 particulate filtration combined with odor control in a single unit. The activated carbon used in the Carbotron Pleat has millions of tiny openings that absorb odorous molecules from the air during the filtration process, reducing unpleasant odors created by cooking, cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, and other environmental factors. The Carbotron Pleat is offered in a wide range of standard and special sizes in both 1 and 2" depths that allow installation in almost any Air Conditioning, Heating or Ventilating application.

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