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        Load Range:   26600 - 38000 pounds

         High-Load, Heavy-Duty Isolator Series


The MMK Isolator Series is Designed for Equipment Subject to Severe Multi-Directional and Vertical Forces. Features Include:


         Heavy-Duty Steel Housing: 1" Steel Top Plate and Dual 1" Dia. Leveling Bolts

            Fully Seam-Welded Construction

            Oil-Tempered, High-Carbon, Powder-Coated Steel Springs

            Heavy-Duty Hardware, Zinc-Plated

            Adjustable All-Directional Snubbing Bolts & Predrilled Anchor Base Plates

            External or Internal Level Adjustments

            Load Ratings are GUARANTEED with Efficiencies Approaching 100%

MMK Spring Vibration Isolator Heavy Duty Series
MMJ Spring Vibration Isolator
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